The website is totally free, Rs. 1000/- registration charges has to be given for further services.
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How It Works

1.Registration form

We have an online registration form which you can also download from our website. (We can also send you the registration form over Whatsapp, Fb or by e-mail)

2.Personality whereabout and other personal details

For further information our experienced administrator will provide you with the information over a telephone call, skype call or by meeting you in person. After all the required information is gathered our latest designed software will give you out 3-4 right matches for your rishta.

3.Family meeting

Our administrator will take care of the family meetings which can be via Skype, Conference call or meeting in person.

4.Shaadi Mubarak

In the end we say Shaadi Mubarak to those who meetup through our platform and wish them a happy and long future life.

Our administrator will have conversations with recommended people and once he is satisfied he will then arrange the meetings mutually. After all these requirements both the families of bride and groom can talk in person, however if there is any sort of necessity or help required our administrator would be right there for/with her service and will comprehend the issue and solve it.

NOTE: Once the Rishta is done Shaadilink does not needs to be paid any hidden charges we are a Non-profit Organization and the Organization will not be responsible for any matter or conflict Socially or Legally.

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