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About Us


Shaadilink is an online Shaadi Portal in Pakistan to help people find rishta online, Shaadilink wants to help people for the sake of good relationships as a non-profit organization which helps people find rishta in pakistan


Purposes of the organization

To provide a platform to all marriage seekers. Highlighting, consulting and creating awareness about pre-marriage issues which are common in our society. With increasing trendy occasions, // Shaadilink promotes marriages in the light of Sunnah // rather than following the trendy occasional ways.

Background of Shaadilink

These days in society pakistani girls have to face several troubles regarding appropriate and etiquette marriage proposals.

Reasons for this are as follow:

  • At the time of Rishta we do not present ourselves as who we really are by deceiving each other which gives mistaken perceive impression, which lacks the ability to completely understand the personality and behavior of the bride and groom
  • There is no scientific way nor an easy way to identify or find like minded people and a right match for oneself It is believed demeaning, ignominious and unpleasant in our culture and tradition for larki walay to find rishta their self
  • In our society we come across plenty of families who when doing a rishta are caught in discomfort, fear, mistrust and doubt. Shaadilink has provided a marriage bureau/matrimony platform both men and women who desire to get married and find their perfect life partner. The website is a revolutionary secure and gives user-friendly experience. On which every single piece of information registered/provided on our website will be kept confidential. (No one has access to this information besides our administrator)

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